Why the UpStartist MBA?

It just doesn't make sense for entrepreneurs to get an MBA these days. The money ($100K!) and time costs (2 years!) are killer. The curriculum? Not very relevant (for us). And an MBA degree doesn't convince anyone you're a better entrepreneur - what you need is a track record. At the same time starting a business can be a lonely and confusing journey. It pays to expose yourself to breakthrough ideas, and to connect with and learn from others.  A little structure to kick your ass doesn't hurt either. The UpStartist MBA is for those looking to upgrade their business skills while they start their companies NOW. There’s no point in waiting 2 years (or being 100K in debt) to start. Every topic covered is relevant to entrepreneurs - NOT future managers, financiers, or consultants.  The focus of every lesson is application – how can we apply what we’ve learned to our businesses today Each week I'll be sending out a concise summary of the key business principles I've learned, with a focus on how you can apply these tools and models to your start-up business life. They should take no more than 10-15 minutes to consume, and might lead to your own personal or professional breakthroughs. If you're interested in getting these weekly insights, leave your name and email here. I would love to hear your thoughts on each lesson (and for future lessons). I am NOT a business guru, just someone who takes his business education seriously.  I look forward to learning with you and from you. Darren