The Soul of Money, Lynne Twist

The experience of true wealth comes from sharing, expressing that you have and are enough. - Lynn Twist

Lynne Twist has spent five decades working in philanthropy, raising hundreds of millions of dollars to end world hunger. In The Soul of Money, she shares her experiences working with the world's wealthiest and poorest people, and how to live fulfilling lives, both rich and poor must overcome the 3 myths of today's money culture: "there is not enough, "more is better," and "that's just the way it is."

Does your money flow to your highest values and commitments?

"I suggest that if you are willing to let go, let go of the chase to acquire or accumulate always more and let go of that way of perceiving the world, then you can take all that energy and attention and invest it in what you have. When you do that you will find unimagined treasures, and heath of surprising and even stunning depth and diversity."


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